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Are you hoping to sell or buy a home in the Almont MI area?

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Whether you’re planning to buy or selling property, we really suggest that you use a licensed realtor to help direct you through the process. Everyone has an acquaintance or relative in real estate, but they may not be the most equipped individual for the job.

Here’s a look at some questions you should ask when interviewing prospective real estate agents:

How long have you been in the business? First, ask about the agent’s experience. Your end goal is to obtain an understanding of how seasoned the representative is and also whether real estate is a part time job for them of a full-time career. You'll want to stay clear of part-time agents. All of the realtors on our squad are full-time.

Exactly what regions do you serve? Most real estate agents concentrate on a certain geography or style of home. You will want to determine if the real estate agent you're working with practical knowledge working in the local market.

Talk is cheap so be sure to check out your real estate agent's qualifications online. You'll want to work with an agent that has a powerful online presence. If they don’t know how to market themselves, they will likely have problems marketing your property. Choose an agent that is well-versed in all forms of marketing include online.

Does your agent have any other knowledge? If you’re a veteran or active duty military member, you may want to use someone who has specific training to understand how Veterans Affairs financing works and the complications of frequently relocating. If you’re a first-time buyer, you might want to find someone who works with lots of first-time purchasers and has the patience to do some hand-holding.

Ask the real estate agent how he or she will correspond with you. Communication is key in real estate and even a brief communication gap can lead to a missed opportunity. Our team will always be quick to answer in whatever mode of communication you like.

Do you have any references or customer reviews? In addition to meeting with potential agents, talk to their buyers or sellers. Any good realtor likely has a list of satisfied past clients. It may be beneficial to talk to a past client. A great spot to start is the internet. You can find a resource for local testimonials with a simple Google search.

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